My Physiotherapy Guarantee

It’s common sometimes to go through a healthcare or physiotherapy consultation and think to yourself… Why does it feel like I’m doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results?

Fortunately, you are not alone.

Your own personal health matters, but not when it comes at the expense of laboriously following the same regimented routine that doesn’t seem to produce any sustainable results. We hope that through your journey with us, we can help you understand the underlying reasons behind the problem, pain or injury and allow us to create a plan with you to take actionable steps to resolving these issues.

A little bit about Ben

I’ve dealt with my own fair share of injuries throughout my life, and been to countless number of medical professionals to help me recover and get back to the sport I was playing, or the activities that I enjoyed participating in.

Except, I also got stuck in the same negative cycle that many of you feel like you are in.

  • I was told to stop playing the sport of basketball that I loved playing
  • I was told that my injuries would never get better and I would have to avoid the gym and intense activities
  • I wasn’t given a plan or a timeline
  • I didn’t understand my pain and injury, and the fundamental why
  • I become disheartened, and increasingly negative about my own body and my injuries
  • I woke up achy, sore, my joints would creak and I felt much older physically than before

So I took the time to wade through all the evidence, all the scientific jargon, I experimented time and time again on my own injuries and my body. Until I finally found a method, that allowed me to move forward and finally start playing the sports I loved and waking up and doing the activities I craved.

So what’s the difference?

Here, we aim to employ a gimmick-free, evidence-based approach aimed at meeting all of your goals. We communicate in an open manner, without trying to withhold any information or pass over any hidden agendas so that you may come out of this experience finding a strategy that best suits your needs, and also allows you to understand each and every step of the process.

As part of my physiotherapy consultation, I provide:

  • Structured exercise and rehabilitation programs to get you strong and healthy!
  • Manual therapy skills for early pain-relief 
  • Comprehensive education so you understand what your pathology is and what affects it
  • A fun and uplifting environment!

Check out my blog, or enquire now to book your next appointment with our practitioners.

Many thanks,

Benjamin Ho