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About Talk Health Physiotherapy

The barriers to getting the right health advice has never been harder. We live in a world of conflicting information, making it incredibly difficult to figure out what is true, and what is not. This becomes more difficult with rising cost of health care, and no transparency in the medical world. Talk Health Physiotherapy helps to break down these barriers by educating and empowering clients to make the right choices, in order to achieve their goals of improvement in pain or injury. 

Our Physiotherapy Services

Comprehensive Assessment and diagnosis

Our expert physiotherapists will complete a thorough assessment of your condition, and provide an accurate diagnosis.

education and understanding your condition

Part of our treatment philosophy involves empowering you. Our physiotherapists will educate and help you understanding why you might be experience specific pain or discomfort.

Rehabilitation and Goal setting

Part of our services include understanding your personal situation so that we can provide the right rehabilitation exercises and therapy to reach your goals!

We will guide you every step of the way

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral?

You do not need a referral to see the physiotherapist. However, speak to your doctor to see if you are eligible for a chronic disease management plan (CDM). 

We accept Chronic Disease Management Plans. 

will my health fund cover physio?

You will need to check with your private health insurance provider, to ensure that you have extras cover. Your private insurance rebates can be directly processed at our clinic. Alternatively, a claim can be made in your insurer’s online portal. 

what can i expect in a consultation?

Our physiotherapists will provide a comprehensive assessment, diagnosis and treatment option for your condition. We will send you your rehabilitation program online via our partner Physitrack. 

What do I need for my first appointment?

For your initial consultation, please wear loose, comfortable clothing that allows our physiotherapists to assess the injured area. 

Before your initial appointment, make sure you fill out our initial patient form that will be sent to your email before your first appointment!

Do you accept workcover cases?

Yes we do! Our providers are well versed with providing return to work plans, and creating rehabilitation goals in collaboration with your employer to ensure a smooth and easy transition back to work. 

I’ve had a car accident, will my insurance cover me?

For all compulsory third party insurance claims (CTP), the insuring company must provide a claim number and written approval that physiotherapy treatments have been approved prior to the first appointment. 

We will still provide physiotherapy consultations prior to approval. However, claimants must be aware that all payments must be out of pocket and may not be reimbursed by the insurance company.