Private Health Insurance cover varies from person-to-person as well as your eligible cover. Therefore, we are unable to estimate or determine your level of cover without details of your policy.

In general, most individuals who have opted for “extras” will be covered for Physiotherapy. This cover is usually only a percentage of the total treatment cost, so a out-of-pocket gap fee must be paid.

We would recommend that you should contact your Private Health Insurance provider to discuss your cover with them.

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For more information on bookings or any further questions, please contact us at We will get back to you as soon as we can!

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Please note: Cancellations do not incur a penalty fee. However, we would appreciate the maximum notice where possible.

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Costs for all consultations vary depending on insurances and other third parties. We also accept all DVA white and gold card holders, Work Cover Queensland (WCQ) and all other private health insurance. We also accept all enhanced primary care plans (EPC) / chronic disease management plans (CDM) as per GP referrals.

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Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment to fill in a brief health questionnaire and informed consent forms.

Please also bring with you the following items:

  • Medicare Card
  • Department of Veterans Affairs card (If applicable)
  • Private health insurance card
  • Any investigation results, such as MRI, Ultrasound or X-Ray
  • Appropriate clothing that is comfortable to move around in and allow access to the symptomatic area.
  • Any referral letters or correspondence from other medical practitioners or from the relevant legal party.
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Physiotherapists are healthcare professionals that are trained to accurately assess, diagnosis, treat and prevent disease and/or disability. All of our physiotherapists are experts in movement and function, and we work together with our patients to create actionable plans and treatment strategies to help with improving pain, decreasing disability and reaching all of their goals!

Physiotherapists must first, and foremost listen to our patients to understand their story and injury. At Talk Health Physiotherapy, this is what we strive for and aim to do. If you wish to find out more, please book in a consultation with us!

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Our physiotherapists are trained to assess and treat all kinds of injuries, which include:

  • Neck: Whiplash injuries, neck tightness, cervical spondylosis
  • Lower back: Spondylosis, bulging discs, sciatica
  • Shoulder: Bursitis, torn tendons, frozen shoulder
  • Elbow: Tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow
  • Hip: Bursitis, leg length discrepancies
  • Knees: Osteoarthritis, ligament injuries/tears, muscle strains/tears
  • Ankle: Sprains, syndesmosis injuries, ankle instability/recurrent sprains

We act in the very best interests of our clients, and will always strive to critically assess and evaluate whether further physiotherapy treatment is needed. In the cases where we require further medical expertise or specialized help, then our physiotherapist will accurately identify providers who may be better suited to treating your symptoms or conditions.

We will always aim to follow-up and ensure that our customers are receiving the best treatment available.

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Physiotherapists are first contact practitioners within Australia, so you will not need a referral from the GP to see a physiotherapist.

Under the Medicare Benefits Scheme, eligible patients can claim up to 5 physiotherapy sessions which are covered by Medicare. Please see your regular GP and see if this is an option for your care.

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